ohnosocialinteraction asked:

We know how Johnson sees Chowder, but how does Chowder see his predecessor? Is he in awe? A lil weirded out?

Comic 19 - Playoffs - Part II

Hello, new followers!

Sorry you are now aware of stupid fictional hockey players. :/

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imma-oxymoron asked:

Why'd you add the bunny on his bed in the two most recent comics in his room?

Aw naw son Señor Bunny makes a few cameos—like Comic 8 for example.

He also starts appearing after Bitty finishes unpacking in Comic 2…and then goes into hibernation to reemerge in the spring. I don’t know what Bitty’s going to do about SB once he moves into the Haus. It’s in serious danger of Ransom and Holster taking selfies with it???

dannybrioche asked:

is bitty actually good at dancing tho

"Oh. Bless your heart,” Bitty chuckled before deleting the question forever and getting turnt like a Jamaican dance hall twerker.

disappointingeveryone asked:

But the question that's really on everyone's minds: will Shitty and Lardo get to touch each others' butts?????????

"Someone asked if we’re gonna touch each others’ butts."
"…Does right now count?"

lieutenantjohnsmith asked:


The Eric Bittle Pregame Playlist

"Chandelier" - Sia

The Eric Bittle Pregame Playlist

"Chandelier" - Sia

macko-mori asked:

have ransom and holster ever sat jack down and tried to get him updated on pop culture? or do they just consider him a lost cause?

Comic 18 - Playoffs - Part I

….Everyone just…prepare yourself for the playoffs…we’re all going to get through them and the Boys will be okay….but still…just yeah

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